Healthy Tips for Daily Exercising

take up exercises, such as, lumberjacking and ice hockey that brings their utmost physical potential into direct action. VKs due to the effect of Vata commonly lack the innate stamina necessary for such work-outs.


Regular vigorous exercises are important for VKs although such sessions when taken up should not be stretched for too long.


Ayurvedic Recommendations for Exercising


Ayurveda does not endorse exhaustive exercise Whereas massage is an entirely passive exercise, individuals can indulge in active exercises, like, aerobics or active-passive exercises like Hatha Yoga. Exercises stimulate our immunity boosting our body’s combative potential against diseases and unhealthiness. Our blood circulation improves, all channels in the body get cleared, excretory action gets better and extra fat melts down. If you exercise regularly, you can overcome anxiety and instigate a feeling of wellness and positivity as exercises propel the release of enkephalins and endorphins. This is also the reason behind the addiction of exercises that humans develop.


Exercise Tips for Vs


Vs should do moderate exercises and avoid intense workouts. However, Vs tend to get addicted to vigorous exercises as they like to exhaust themselves very quickly which helps them keep a check on their constant instability of mind.However, this further disrupts the Vata dosha. It also propels the mind to run faster once the exercise session is over.


Excessive running and jogging, and other such exercises put heavy pressure on V’s innately weak joints. These should be done in moderation, as joint injuries are common for Vs and can further result into complications, like, arthritis.


Vs also feel a natural inclination towards sports, such as, handball that call into action profuse amounts of energy.However, such intense activities, also, at an eventual stage, totally discharge all of their energy.


As a result, fierce exertion can be risky and detrimental for Vs and they should do light and regular exercises, like, walking, Tai Chi or Yoga. The latter two exercises involve introspection and thus can provide Vs with mental composure and tranquility.


Exercise Tips for Ps


In the case of Ps, optimal exercises would do well. Ps have a natural inclination for vigorous exercises, like, weight-lifting that pacifies their aggression making them even more driven, intense and aggressive. Ps are also easily appealed by the spirit of competitiveness and get tempted to play combative sports, such as, table tennis. Therefore, optimal exercises would be good to quell their competitive spirit while preventing their natural egotism to get strongly manifested.


Basketball, volleyball and other team sports that call for cooperation and discourage individual heroism or backpacking that makes one compete against oneself are also great for Ps. Yoga and Tai Chai would be beneficial for Ps, if made to assuage their internal fire and curb their aggressiveness.


The internal fire aspect in Ps also necessitates that they expose themselves to external sources of heat with some caution. Ps should apply sun screen lotion when stepping out and take recourse to shelter when they feel excessively warm. Ps should also swim or try snow skiing and ice skiing as the cooling would mollify their internal fire.


Even generally, swimming is a simple and superb exercise good for one and all but highly advisable for Ps and Vs.


Exercise Tips for Ks


For Ks, vigorous exercises are a must. However, Ks feel a natural aversion to intense work-outs and hence try to opt for bicycling and similar activities that reinforce the habitual or repetitive nature of the K organism. Ks need to be strenuously motivated to engage in vigorous exercises on a regular basis but once developed, the habit is usually sustained by Ks.


Complex aerobic routines or strenuous sports are better for Ks. If Tai Chi and Yoga are utilized to revitalize their energy level and stimulate the organism, these can also do them good. As mentioned, Ks should refrain from repetitive exercises, but, those who are in need of encouragement for exercises can start with long distance running or callisthenics that are repetitive in nature. But, at a later stage, complicated exercises must be made a part of their routine.


Exercise Tips for Other Body Constitutions


Only Ks and PKs should sessions that leave one completely drained of one’s energy. In fact, as per Ayurveda, one should not even expend more than half of one’s energy in exercising at a particular point of time. When energy gets expended quite swiftly, for instance, during extreme climates, one should avoid spending away even half of one’s energy.


Incorrect exercises can end up disrupting the harmony between body parts, neglecting one part while over-focusing on another. On the other hand, if done beyond the desired limitation, even suitable exercises can have undesirable effects. Your body will require greater quantities of physical food as you burn more nutrients by exercising vigorously. Extra food means more energy requirement for digestion which can be fulfilled only at the expense of the mind. Body’s involvement in arduous exercises can, therefore, end up dulling the mind.


Contemplative exercises, like Yoga, Qi gong & Tai Chi are recommended to check this mental dullness and to channelize an adequate flow of energy throughout our body. Meditative activities will soothe Ps, vitalize Ks, regularize Vs and promote integration for individuals with dual constitutions. Moreover, such exercises help us overcome feelings of fear, sadness, anxiety, aloneness & boredom; instead our energy is directed towards our own wellness, we feel connected, internally- positive, confident and peaceful.


Ayurveda recommends that we breathe rhythmically while exercising. This encourages expulsion of gaseous wastes from body so that Prana – our core life force – can be welcomed. The lungs purify with proper breathing while lungs become unhealthy with improper breathing which also has undesirable impact on our bones and colon. We must breathe deeply and evenly and the flow of our breath must be regular for the duration of our exercise sessions.


Contemplating and concentrating on the flow of our breath as it moves deep into our abdomen is a great breathing exercise. We should slow down our breathing pace gradually to the point when we are taking in just a few breaths in a minute.


We must focus on proper excretion, regular exercising and deep and slow breathing to keep ourselves fit and healthy always. Sticking to just these three healthy activities but in a persistent manner proves beneficial in the long run instead of performing arduous Yogic or Ayurvedic purifications for a couple of weeks together, running long distance races once or twice annually or doing Pranayamas irregularly. We must ensure that wastes are adequately expelled from our body, we are following regular exercise routines even if it is by walking or doing isometric exercises at home and breathing in a meditative mode for at least five minutes every day. Being consistent with the three activities is the key to healthiness and not being over active for a short duration and ignoring our body for the rest of the year.

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