On self love: Learning from our friend, the butterfly

When we start our journey towards health, making sure we eat right, exercise, sleep and wake up on time, we somehow still fear the temptation of unhealthy habits and run the risk of being pulled into a slump.

This is when we can tell ourselves the story of our friend, the butterfly.

Think about the early stages of a butterfly’s life. It wraps itself up into a cocoon to sleep and eat all day in order to fill a void. (Quite literally)

So when we find ourselves wrapped in our little cocoon, filling an unknown void with unhealthy habits, we should remember that the butterfly’s cocoon is a stage of preparation. A stage of metamorphosis to transform into something quite contrary to its current state. And finally, to reach maturity and break through from its protective cocoon. Still in the process, it sits and hardens its wings before it can fly off to the garden of its dreams, reaching for the divine nectar.

Remind yourself – This is what you are doing too. There might be ups and downs but once you set your mind to it, you will always be transforming, improving… becoming.

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